Monday, 19 December 2011


Bless me readers for I have sinned, it has been two weeks since my last blog post. I've been suffering from a complete lack of 'need to blog' moments, blogger's block if you will, plenty of lovely things going on and arriving in the mail, also many pretty finds but somehow I haven't had the urge to photograph or write about any of it and posting for the sake of posting feels wrong.  I could probably fill a swimming pool with the sheer volume of tea and hot chocolate I've consumed while trying to cheer myself up - warm drinks are infinitely comforting don't you think? 

I'm never one to go into too much personal detail on here save for  mentions of family, friends, the fella, but suffice to say I've been feeling very low the past fortnight - couple that with early starts/late returns home and there you have it - no energy and no spark.  Thoroughly first world problems given that there are people hungry, homeless or dying across the globe as I type this, but I'm certain you'll all know that feeling of everything getting on top of you sometimes ☁ ☂

Sorry I haven't been around, I hope you are all well and that you're enjoying the lead-up to Christmas with your loved ones!  I'll be back (and better than ever!?) very soon ♥


  1. know just how you've been feeling -its horrible when ur just completely down - hope the reason behind you feeling low sorts itself out soon.x

  2. Go with the flow Jem and take really good care of yourself, you will soon feel better and the inspiration will follow. I take comfort in the fact that any creativity output I have isn't all mine, so even if I'm feeling really flat there is still potential everywhere for creative greatness (and yes, great comfort in tea!). Even though you've been a little low the light and the magic still came together in your photographs here - they are stunning. Have a wonderful, tea-filled, no blogging rules, delightful week! Also, a glass of wine and ANY Kings of Leon album is a guaranteed pick me up!

  3. Oh no! I hate these dark mornings and evenings! hope that you are feeling more like yourself soon, have a wonderful christmas and I hope santa brings you everything you wished for :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Hi Jem,

    Thank-you. Thank-you for such an honest post.
    Blogging is for YOU, there are no rules.
    I've been feeling just like you, for different reasons. The urge to blog is there, but no words or pictures emerge.

    Did you see this extraordinary post?

    Just sums it all up perfectly.

    Take care, we are here whenever you want us, and we have no expectations.

    Lucy x

  5. I think everyone knows the feeling, especially at this time of year.
    Hope you feel tons better soon xxx

  6. Oh no I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling a little low. I know I am definitely guilty of neglecting my blog when I'm feeling rubbish.
    Your photographs are beautiful :) I'm glad you've mustered enough energy up, they're very inspiring.
    I hope you begin to feel a little better :) snuggling in warm blankets and drinking tea usually helps me, that and a whole lotta biscuits. Big Molly hugs xx

  7. WE all need a little break.... Running a shop during the "season" I can totally relate .... Here's hoping you get through it and Enjoy!
    Maryanne xo

  8. I'm here if you want a listening ear! but here's hoping that you'll get your sparks back and get through it...dont worry about the blog, it's yours and you blog when u feel like it, i think that's the important thing most people set up a blog, to just blog whatever we want and whenever we feel like blogging...and i wish you joy and full of blessings christmas filled with laughter and happiness!

    PS: your photographs are just stunning as usual! please take care of yourself and have a good and long rest if you could (i know how busy these times of year), lots of tea and hot cocoa and plenty of comfort food.

    Thinking of you

  9. I know the feeling...I have not been myself this season. And like you have probably drank my weight in hot chocolate.

    I am sorry that you are blue, sad at a time when the world is supposed to be at its shiny best and the spirit of the season is all around.

    Yes there are people who are suffering and hungry but that doesn't make your saddness any less important. I wish you as do many of the comments a merry holiday and I hope that you feel better and enjoy many days with family and friends who always cheer us up( if we don't smack them from too much togetherness).

    TAke care, merry holiday and I love the photos.

  10. I have said this to other bloggers this month and now I am saying it to you: the supposed happiness and joy that abounds this time of the year is a load of old crock. A big fat lie. At least you're being honest about how you feel.

    Depression sucks. I feel for you. I hope it passes.

  11. Sorry to hear you're feeling down! I know how you feel, you are not alone! But I bet the New Year will be so much better, it's the light at the end of the tunnel :) x

  12. I hope u'll be alright and this season will bring you lots of joy and happiness dear :)
    sending love your way <3

  13. Hi Jem I'm sorry you're feeling's something I can relate so am sending hugs xx But on the plus side; you won my hearts giveaway! Took me ages to draw a winner because, like you, I'm finding it tough at the moment... Could you email me at and I'll send you your glasswork xx


  14. Understand how you feel Jem and hope you feel better soon! These photos are marvellous! Wishing you a happy Christmas! xo

  15. It can be a difficult time of year, but just think - it will soon be the shortest day and then the only way is ... spring!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  16. Jem, I welled up whilst reading this post :( I always find Christmas to be an emotional time of year, I started crying watching Mrs Doubtfire the other day :/ Keep with the blogging, you're such a talented writer and photographer, and you've really inspired me. Must meet soon for black forest hot chocolate delux! Lots of love xxxxxxx

  17. Hope you’ll soon be feeling sparkly again soon Jem.

  18. I had a lovely present of some luxury Fortnum and Mason hot chocolate from one of my pupils - I will think warm thoughts of you when I treat myself x

  19. I've not had much time or inclination to photo anything either - don't worry about it. I really hope it didn't seem like I was nagging, as Luce said, no expectations, was just checking up on a friend. Which I do consider you - if virtual! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and things look brighter in the new year xx

  20. Happy Christmas Jem. Hope the season and a break restores your heart and soul!

  21. Oh Jem, I'm sure we all know that feeling. It's impossible to be up all the time. There's hormones to contend with for a start! Just remember to b e kind to yourself. If you not want to do anything, then don't. We'll still be here. Hope you find some inner peace and happiness in the coming days. It's been great following you this year and getting to know you. Next year will be a good one my friend.
    Much love

  22. Hi Jem, I've been awol too. Sorry to hear you've been feeling low. You know we all love you here and regardless of how long you need to be off blogging we are going to be thinking of you. Your photos are stunning chick. Have a great christmas hun, Scarlett x

  23. Merry Christmas Jem!! I wish you ALL the best for 2012!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous work!

  24. Jem, I can completely relate to your feelings. I have times where I feel like this too and everything seems to get on top of me. I hope you're soon feeling back on top. I find a woolly blanket, a snuggly pair of pyjamas and a hot water bottle always do the trick. If not, I know I can rely on ready salted crisps! Big hugs, Em xxx


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