Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday Folksy Moment: The Halloween Edition

Felt skull brooches from The Doll City Rocker, sufficiently spooky for halloween but not so high in the scare stakes that you couldn't wear them with a tea dress on a June afternoon if you wanted to.  I'm coveting the bright yellow!

Ding dong, the witch is dead! Can't tell you how much I love this little pair of witchy pins from Mud Meddling.  Though I'll put in a word or two for the Wicked Witch of the West - she's misunderstood! If you've seen the musical 'Wicked' you'll know what I mean. 

I'm not what you'd call a goth (though I did have my crucifix wearing, black nail polish donning moments) but I'd wear this necklace year round, it's too cute to be brought out for Halloween only.  It's from Cherry Loco who have a brilliant selection in their Halloween collection.

Whimsical witchiness.  I fancy this little plaque from Kristi-Krafts for my kitchen!

Labelling makes Jem a happy girl, in fact I'd go so far as to say it almost made my year when I finally got my hands on a Dymo embosser, but these witch's brew labels from Crafty Pagan are just the thing for marking up the potions being quaffed at various Halloween bashes across the land this evening.

Apologies for my conspicuous absence from blogland the past 10 days, I started my new job last Monday and having to be on a bus at 6.30 or 7.30 most mornings to travel to where I'm being trained meant I was out of the house 12 hours per day.  It left very little time for blogging or paying you all a visit but as I'm off this week things should be back to normal. 

Hope you're all well!


  1. I was wondering where you were Jem...presumed it had something to do with your new job. I hope it's all going well. Don't like the sound of those 12 hour days though!
    Your halloween picks are v cute, not at all scary x

  2. Hey Jem, thanks for pointing me towards the Doll City Rocker - just bought a fab stocking filler for my daughter!

    K xx

  3. I'm so glad you found time to treat us to a bit of Beautiful Clutter magic. I could tell from some of your crack-of-dawn tweets you'd been busy lately!
    Cracking set of images as usual, hard pushed to find a favourite, but think it's the wicked witches legs - genius!
    Happy Hallowe'en.

    Lucy x

  4. Those skull brooches are awesomespice! Hope you're enjoying the new job :)

  5. I love the skull brooches!
    Happy Halloween

  6. Those felted skulls are brilliant. Thanks for sharing those, I'm off to have a look. xx

  7. I love all of these! Great finds! But those felted skulls are amazing! Like you said, would look wonderful on a summer dress :) The witch plaque is really nice too!

  8. Those brooches are lovely, although I'm eyeing up the bright blue....

    I also adore the wicked witch legs....I do indeed also think she was misunderstood, and am still dying to go see Wicked!

    I also like the plaque....the prince to frog bit made me giggle.

    But yes, you're forgiven for a lack of jobs do tend to be a time black hole!

  9. woot! i love all of them! especially the witchy pins and the plague! i agree the bright yellow brooch skull pops out to me too! oohh wish i had a job but dont want to get up so early to take bus at that hour! glad you're back though! missed you! xx susan

  10. I love all these! *gets out felt and fimo*

    6.30 busses sound a bit shivery, hope the working day won't involve quite such ungodly hours.

    (this post didn't show up in my feed, only found it cos I was checking on where you were, Blogger has been very odd for me lately)

  11. Congrats on the new job hun, eek at early morning, totally know how you feel. I love all these goodies too, those witch legs are amazing. Scarlett x

  12. I hope your job is going well! I wish I could get along with skulss but there's soemthign about them that freaks me out! I love the labels, I ahve a thing about stationery, and vintage looking labels. How much fun it would be to make jam or sloe gin and label them with a potions label!! Em x

  13. Hi!
    Just come across your blog after a link from a customer, it's fabulous and this collection of halloween things is fab! Those skulls are just wonderful, and I might have to treat myself to that plaque!
    Thanks very much for including my Witch's Legs :)


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