Friday, 7 October 2011

Favourite Thing on a Friday

There are quite a few favourite things this week ......

Flowers in a jam jar tied with light blue ribbon.

The zing of lemons against blue and white crockery.

A pumpkin coloured doorknob.

The spines of old books and a dusty ink bottle.

A jubilee teacup bursting with blooms.


  1. the ink bottle/vintage books are really lovely, its a brilliant pic. really like the contrast of the lemons on the blue!great little list of favourite things!x

  2. Great photos, i too am loving the colour of those lemons on the blue and white plate - look amazing! Also reminds mke of that ad on TV about selling houses - need to have yellow! Scarlett x

  3. Such eye-catching details. Love the doorknob, they don't make them like that any more!
    Your fondness for blue is very apparent today.
    Have a lovely weekend, nice and cold for you to cuddle under a blanket with a cuppa, and candles lit. x

  4. Lovely! Esp the flower jar thing... So simple, yet so beautiful. I'm going to try that with leaves!

  5. all so pretty Jem, have a lovely weekend x

  6. HI Jem, this is a beautiufl post. I lreally love the quality of your photographs. Thanks for joining in with FTOF. Em x

  7. gorgeous pics as usual! i love the flowers in a jam jar and in a jubilee teacup, the gorgeous contrast of color of lemon and blue crockery and the pumpkin colored doorknob! love them all! x susan


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