Thursday, 11 August 2011

Make Tea! Not War!

I've been quiet over the last few days.  Plenty happening on the home front, but also I haven't known what the hell to write in the face of the rioting that has swept across much of the UK. Not to acknowledge the nastiness and carry on in my airy-fairy style seems a falsity when much of my time this week has been spent glued to BBC News 24 and Twitter while firing off texts to friends in affected areas checking they are okay.  It has been heartbreaking, sickening, gut-wrenching and maddening to watch such vileness unfold, see footage of livelihoods and homes in ruins while various politicians and social commentators drone on in thoroughly uninspiring fashion analysing it all to death.  I could ramble at length as to my theories on social deprivation but to be frank even though I'm an understanding, bleeding heart liberal I can't currently wrap my head around it as a justification for any of this.  Simply put there is no excuse.

Instead I'd rather focus on the incredible, inspiring actions of the many - and I do mean the many - who are standing firm, carrying on and helping those in need;

Clapham Junction riot cleanup army:

Mexican broom waving:

The now iconic image of a couple serving tea on the back of a riot shield to police: Tea Break

00:38 9/8/2011: Camden Town, London

Positive post-it graffiti on boards covering up a Poundland in Peckham trashed by looters (Image via Alokjha)


Manchester riot cleanup

Operation Cup of Tea - click the screen cap to take a peek at their website, click here to visit their Facebook page.  Get the kettle on and tweet your own #OperationCupOfTea pictures if you haven't already. 

My #OperationCupOfTea snaps from the past couple of days.

Article on the donations of clothes, food, toys, toiletries piling up at Tottenham shelter for those locally  who have suddenly found themselves homeless due to the riots: Haringey Independent

Tweet from Nottingham Police thanking everyone for their support, full tweet reads 'Not had chance to reply to you all directly but for those that have brought cakes etc to our stations, you are brilliant.  Big boost for our officers and staff, along with the totally overwhelming amount of messages. Thank you so much!'

Louise Smith - the Wolverhampton hair salon owner who stood outside her shopfront to defend it from looters:

One of the most inspiring and commendable statements pleading for peace.  Haroon Jahan was one of three men murdered in a hit and run in Birmingham on Tuesday night and today his father gave a statement to the press:

These are just a few of the people (excluding my ugly mug!) who have been showing true British spirit and I have huge respect for them all.  Sincerely hoping the worst is over now so that the rebuild and riot cleanup can carry on!

Very much hoping all of you are safe and well!


  1. I loved seeing all those people and children with their brooms on the telly here last night's stuff like that that makes the world go round...

    On a less serious note: there is probably no-one more equipped to "stay in and drink tea" than you my friend. I'm sure you have a tea cup for nearly every day of the year by now!

    And lastly, you do NOT have an ugly mug! You are gorgeous!


  2. Brilliant post, a lovely positive start to my day. Whatever the problem, tea is ALWAYS the answer!
    P.s I agree with Kylie, you're a natural beauty - check out that flawless skin - must be the tea!

  3. Great post Jem, it is uplifting to see the British spirit shine through and all those people helping out are amazing. Hopefully all this riot madness will end soon.

    Love your tea cup pick - you are a beauty :o) Scarlett x

  4. Thank you Jem for posting this very postive and inspiring post. Oh and lovely to see you at last!

  5. What an inspiring post and very positive indeed! yes I too have been glued to the tv watching the news, i'm so touched seeing those people especially the youths who came out to the street to clean up their neighborhood and those people with their brooms up and ready to clean up too...they're the true spirit of britain and that's what i love about living here, Tea is of course always there since the war time, I love the photos of your #operationcupoftea snaps!! salute to those brave and kind people ..indeed Make Tea, Not War! x susan

  6. Thank you all for taking the time to read you lot - I know it's a bit of a departure from my usual subject matter so it means a lot that you've waded through! Jem xXx

  7. Thank god!FINALLY someone pickingup on the positives of the last few many negative posts everywhere I look&its so disheartening with the news hashing it over again&again too.this is a great post Jem,the images/videos u have chosen are a great representation of the great &the good.totally agree that there is more at work than just greed but whatever the issues these kids didn't have to go out and trash everything in sight&lets not forgetattacking people too;reporters, bystanders, sad!x

  8. Jem...we are with you. Have posted the website. My family are in Walsall & areas around Birmingham and we have been in tears. Thanks for your post. Have raised our cuppas and will continue!

  9. Oh really brings thing home when you know someone in another part of the world where there is trouble of somekind. I watch the news and feel sick. Thank you for posting a positve yet informative post. My thoughts are with you and lets hope this all ends soon.
    Lady Linda

  10. Whata good idea to collate some of the positive things to have come out of the mayhem. It’s all too easy to get dragged down by the gloom and doom.

  11. Even from a distance I found these images of young people/teenagers out there cleaning up and on the news a very powerful antidote to the negativity I've been feeling about all this trouble. Thanks for posting Jem x

  12. Hi Jem, thank you for this post. It really warmed my heart. I haven't known how to respond to the news of the last few days, I remember the riots of the 80's as a child and have been so sad and disappointed to see this happening all over again. The clean-up operations and the kindness that has been shown throughout by different people towards the police has really warmed my heart. Em xx

  13. We have watched the news in shock. It is so senseless... Hope your loved ones are safe and well! X

  14. Great round up of recent events and very uplifting. I didn't know how to react either (it makes blogging seem a bit trivial) but this post has reminded me what's great about our country. thank you!

  15. I think that the rioting here in England is pathetic, and the fact that its grown this big and gained so much attention is just weak. There are so many other huge, horrible problems in the world, like the situation in Africa at the moment, and all everyone can talk about is the riots in West Brom, London, Birmingham etc... It'll blow over in a couple of weeks. People are just rioting for the sake of it and because they have nothing else to do.

  16. the riots showed the worst of britain, but the clean up showed the best :) xx


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