Saturday, 12 February 2011


As you've probably gathered I am a hoarder, minimalism can look stunning but it just isn't for me, my shelves are crammed to bursting with books and while I like the look of the odd bare surface most of mine are adorned with something I've come across and been unable to walk away from.  Add to this the fact my boyfriend is similarly fond of homely spaces and you have a couple with an awful lot of 'stuff', in fact our parents were in disbelief at the sheer number of boxes as they helped us move house.  So really, the last thing I needed was to go poking around in various still-packed boxes stored tidily in a corner of our guest bedroom and find yet more things I wanted to display  . . . . . 

But somehow that is what happened!  I've been a lover of blue and white crockery all my life - for this I credit my maternal Grandmother and her large collection - and these balls serve no purpose other than looking pretty and perhaps acting as paperweights here and there.  

Take care, 
Jem xXx


  1. The patterned silver tray is a perfect backdrop for the, errrm, balls lol! they're v v pretty though where did you buy them? Loving the huge chunky book too, is it a bible?

  2. They look so pretty! I much prefer nik naks to stark spaces!

  3. Such fun looking through packed boxes discovering treasures. These are gorgeous as is the tray and big book, all beautifully photographed!

  4. They are lovely. I used to love minimalism, but now I feel so much more at home with all my little nik naks and pretty things xxx

  5. They are lovely and decorative! I'm in love with no-purpose objects!

  6. p.s Sorry just read you most recent comment, sorry you couldn't make it to the vintage fair and that you're not going to be with your boy on Valentines, but I'm sending you lots of hugs :) xxx

  7. Ooh those are very pretty! Where did you find them? I'm also a clutter junkie, sadly the OH is in favour of minimalism haha. It's probably for the best really!


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