Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Wishes

Snowy forest

Mecca Espresso Hot Chocolate


GingerBread House

christmas gifts

christmas 2007

christmas spirit


With a little help from some fabulous Flickr images I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  

Monday, 19 December 2011


Bless me readers for I have sinned, it has been two weeks since my last blog post. I've been suffering from a complete lack of 'need to blog' moments, blogger's block if you will, plenty of lovely things going on and arriving in the mail, also many pretty finds but somehow I haven't had the urge to photograph or write about any of it and posting for the sake of posting feels wrong.  I could probably fill a swimming pool with the sheer volume of tea and hot chocolate I've consumed while trying to cheer myself up - warm drinks are infinitely comforting don't you think? 

I'm never one to go into too much personal detail on here save for  mentions of family, friends, the fella, but suffice to say I've been feeling very low the past fortnight - couple that with early starts/late returns home and there you have it - no energy and no spark.  Thoroughly first world problems given that there are people hungry, homeless or dying across the globe as I type this, but I'm certain you'll all know that feeling of everything getting on top of you sometimes ☁ ☂

Sorry I haven't been around, I hope you are all well and that you're enjoying the lead-up to Christmas with your loved ones!  I'll be back (and better than ever!?) very soon ♥

Monday, 28 November 2011

British Made Monday

Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette is a film I frequently pop into the DVD player when I need something completely escapist, full of decadence and beauty.  Some brilliantly odd casting, a punk-edged 80s soundtrack and sumptuous surroundings pull me in each time.  Small surprise that I spotted this illustrated card by The Secret Tea Party and loved it immediately!

Photos of Amsterdam and it's tall, lean town houses with gorgeous gables make me smile, suffice to say a Dutch-style house in brooch form was always going to be a hit with me!  At 2 inches tall it would make quite an eye catching addition to the lapel of a winter coat.  It's made from brass and is just one of the curious creations in The Hollowbourne Hoard's Etsy shop.

These two prints are the work of Sandra Dieckmann.  It'll sound odd but I wish my dreams looked like her illustrations which are all bursting with imagination and wonder, I'll go so far as to say I find it impossible not to be inspired when I stop by her Etsy shop for a regular browse.  You'll also find some lovely little gifts there in the form of tote bags and pocket/handbag mirrors.

I enjoy a touch of kitsch here and there. It has to be full on, no half measures and sparingly used for my taste - too much in one area and it somehow looses all it's jaunty punch.  This particular cushion from Carousel Belle is exactly my brand of kitsch!

Shakespeare journals from Immortal Longings. I've had these stunning creations bookmarked for several years now - even if you're not particularly clued up on/partial to Shakespeare I think it's easy to appreciate these leather bound journals for how lovely they are as objects.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Magpie Tendencies

Always a happy day when there are pretty teacups on the shelves ♥ If you're anything like me {avid seeker of vintage china} you'll know that little hoards of them in charity shops are rare now that teacups feature in every other magazine and more people have wised up to their loveliness.  The revival of tea taking which has swept the land in a wave of sugar lumps and chintz is a fantastic thing, the best sort of nostalgia.  My only sadness is the scarcity of finds and the often heftier price tag of what is on offer.  But . . . . dark, wintry Saturday afternoons with suspect skies and high winds seem to be the ideal stalking conditions - £3 for the lot.

Earlier this week I did that classic thing of judging a book by it's cover and quirky title; this time I'm glad. I haven't read anything quite like it before - 30 pages in and there are no character names, people are only identified by their physical characteristics and the description is so vivid that I fall into the book as I read. This is prose poetry rather than a novel and is definitely unconventional, £1 well spent. 

The china fairies struck a second time; an old blue and white dinner plate with horses on it for £1!? Sold. 

Here's where the wheels came off the thrifty self control wagon and the inner magpie came out to play. Sparkly vintage brooches, about 20 of them, all grouped together and twinkling at me from a display cabinet. It'd have been easier to share a Boost bar {and you'd take your life in your hands suggesting that to me} than walk away empty handed but I kept it to these 5.

The curious find.  A very old, very battered ring holder in dire need of a wash before it sets up camp on my chest of drawers - T gave me his 'What is THAT?' look - I blame the little birdie and the pretty colours for drawing me in. 

Going to attempt knocking charity shopping on the head between now and Christmas - we'll see how that goes! Anybody else completely underprepared this year? I'm yet to even buy Christmas cards, ribbon and wrap - must get on that.

Hope you lovelies are all having a great weekend, whatever you're up to!

Friday, 25 November 2011


I've rambled on about how much I ♥ vintage postcards before but this time I'm sticking firmly to the present.  Coming home to post on the doormat, or hearing the rustle and snap as the postie pushes it through my door makes me very happy, then comes that little rush of anticipation; what could it be?  More often than not a couple of disappointing plastic-windowed envelopes or a handful of junky flyers look up at me expectantly, in my experience if an envelope has a plastic window the contents are either dull or expensive - not a winner.  Every so often though, a handwritten card or letter from a friend drops through to make my day and then I wish it happened more regularly as they beat a Facebook message, tweet or email hands down. 

Enter Postcrossing, an international online community of postcard fanciers like myself!  Become a postcrosser, request an address, and send a postcard to a random soul across the globe and you'll then receive one yourself from someone else.  The perfect solution to boring mail days as you never know where your next postcard will come from or when it will arrive.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all American readers; have a wonderful day with families, friends and plenty of food!

Monday, 21 November 2011

British Made Monday

Monday Folksy Moment has undergone it's first evolution; a couple of emails planted the seed that I should include Etsy sellers as well as other crafters and artisans who sell their wares online. So rather than Mondays being a purely Folksy-based post instead they will focus on British makers across the board. Let's roll!

Kicking off with Jessica Hogarth, I recently bought a set of postcards from her gorgeous Etsy shop - they were great quality, reasonably priced and most importantly really appealed to my love of period buildings and the British coast.  I'm now eager to get my mitts on a print and a tea towel though I may have to make it a post Christmas treat!  If you're keen on architectural prints I'd recommend taking a peek as there are also some Parisian beauties to ogle.

Retro fabric, stripes, spots, and vintage buttons are the order of the day in Natalie Farrell's Folksy shop where there are a range of cases from coin purses to large makeup bags.  This one in particular caught my eye as I like the honeycomb-esque print against the cream and beige trims.

Zines aren't something I have many of but I could see myself building up a bit of a collection - Abandoned Christmas Trees is an intriguing one - call me weird but I always feel sorry for the discarded trees languishing on the pavement come New Year.

So many levels of 'yes, please'.  I tried making a bag out of cassette tapes myself a couple of years ago and somehow managed to glue a tape to the trousers I was wearing at the time, it really didn't turn out well.  Here is a fully bag-shaped one from Make It Sew and isn't it a beauty!?

An illustrated brooch from Holly Trill. I like everything in her shop but if I had to choose a favourite at this particular moment in time it would be the wolf brooch - with the patterned border and oval shape it's almost like a two dimensional, modern take on a cameo brooch.