Thursday, 18 November 2010

Vintage Inspired

Having been quite a lengthy moving process (I have so much stuff!) with somewhat patchy internet access Beautiful Clutter has been neglected the past couple of weeks and I have really missed reading my favourite blogs while blogging myself!  Pictures of the new abode will follow in the next week or two as more boxes are unpacked! 

Though I prefer my clutter with stories I am also frequently taken by 'vintage inspired' bits and pieces.  My most recent acquisition being this tea chest made by Gisela Graham I was given as a birthday gift, I'm an avid tea drinker so it was particularly apt and I rushed out to buy tea sachets of my new favourite blends to fill it with! 

I have a thing for little boxes - they are perfect for keeping those oddments like hairpins and elastics, stamps and odd pieces of ribbon somewhere safe.  The box below was a gift from a close friend the Christmas before last and I love the pressed flowers in the lid!

And because it is just so gorgeous - a card made for me by another close friend for my recent birthday . . 


  1. Oh how lovely & happy belated birthday!
    I agree there certainly is something exciting about a Royal Wedding or a Jubilee isn't there, I can't wait!

  2. I love the tea chest! I'd love to collect items like that ... once I have my own flat I will! I'm on the hunt for a jewellery box at the moment as my current one is over flowing!

  3. I love little boxes and vintage tins, like you I like using them to hold odds and ends like ribbons, buttons and jewelery. the tea chest is lovely.
    Ann x


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