Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Old Photos in Contemporary Frames

In a similar vein to my entry on postcards, old photos are another one of those little windows into a bygone era.  The beauty of these is that most families have their own collections; stacks of exposures charting their family trees, bringing recollections to the elder and informing the younger of their roots.  At the moment I am custodian of such a stack on behalf of my Nannie and it has been so worthwhile (albeit time consuming) scanning all of them to have copies on disk for posterity - it also means I'll be able to give each of my maternal aunts and uncles a copy of the photos on a USB stick so everyone in the family can flick through them.

My particular favourite of all those I scanned was this one . . . . . as ever double click to enlarge

It shows my Grandad on the ground leading in one of the racehorses he had trained and says so much about him as a person with horses being his great passion, one he passed to my Mum and also to me.  Laying family history aside I love the way the simple, contemporary frame and mount allow the photo to do the talking and I'm planning on framing several copies of this photo the same way as Christmas gifts for my maternal family.

Jem xXx 

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  1. I just found your blog and it made me smile!! Old things are lovely to blog about! please continue!!



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