Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Beautifully Battered Box

When it comes to this box I have no facts whatsoever about provenance, it could be 10 years old or 100 years old and perhaps it is as oriental as I am!  I found it looking filthy and worse for wear underneath some odd candlesticks and volumes of Encyclopaedia Britannica in a wicker basket outside a now defunct curio shop in Whitby.  For anyone who hasn't heard of Whitby it is a beautiful seaside town on the dramatic North Yorkshire coast famous for inspiring Bram Stoker while he stayed there penning 'Dracula', Whitby is referred to within the novel as the place Count Dracula made landfall in England.  It plays host to an annual 'Goth' festival attracting people with gothic sensibilities from all over the globe, holds a huge regatta in the summer and is home to some stunning views.  The day I'd found the box however was a completely unremarkable, somewhat blustery, mid October day and we were actually preoccupied with  looking for my favourite tea shop.  

It looked promising from the front; I'll admit anything lockable immediately conjures images of long-kept secrets or lost treasures in my mind!

But it was the ravaged art work on the top that I saw once I'd pulled it out of the basket that really had me in love with it!

It generally sits on my chest of drawers in the bedroom and is either full of pens or full of stamps and ephemera as per the last picture.  I'd love to know more about where it came from or where it was made and how old it is but for now it remains my mysterious, battered box!


  1. I love your sweet little battered box, too!
    It looks very well loved. :-)

    Have a WONDERFUL evening!

  2. I love old boxes and tins! My friend sells antiques for a living and for my birthday this year he gave me a tin that the lid is made from part of a ming vase. I love it but have yet to find a home for it.

    I'm now looking for a chest or ottoman.

  3. Thank you Anne, it is very well loved! One of the things I'll be taking extra care with during next weekend's move! :-)

    Monkey - your tin sounds unusual and gorgeous! Definitely needs to be displayed and admired! :-)

  4. That's such a pretty little box; great find! Maybe you should try your luck and take it on Antiques Roadshow ;)

    Really interesting story on Whitby and Bram Stoker, too, by the way. Great post. x

  5. Thank you for taking the time to pop over to my Blog, Emma! I think my Mum would be over the moon if I took it to Antiques Roadshow :-) Whitby is well worth a visit if you're ever up north!

    Jem xXx

  6. What a fabulous find (can I be nosy and ask if it was a bargain price too?) I'm a big fan of old boxes, especially ones with history. Hope you manage to find out more about your box - it looks so 'right' filled with stamps!


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