Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Vintage China

Tea is something I drink an awful lot of, there are usually around a dozen varieties in my cupboard at any point in time and while I frequently employ the one bag per mug method - I can almost feel the collective shudder of generations past - there is something so beguiling about 'taking' tea, which is where my love of vintage china comes in.

For starters it tastes infinitely better brewed in a pre-warmed teapot!  But the ritual of taking time out of the day to revive flagging energy while using the beautiful crockery and silverware of bygone eras takes it to an entirely different level.  Sipping from a beautiful teacup of which there are only a certain number feels much more indulgent than an anonymous, mass produced mug of one cup tea.  That being said - the frenetic pace of modern life does mean everything 'stopping for tea' is a thing of the past, still, I'm all for calling time out once in a while and taking leaf out of our ancestors' book!

Vintage china seems to be having quite a renaissance and can be pricey, there are some bargains if you're prepared to trawl the web but the best places to pick it up at reasonable prices are still car boot/jumble/table top sales, markets and charity shops.  The two trios and one cup and saucer set above were some I picked up through Preloved (online jumble sale) and the silver plated sugar tongs I won on eBay!

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