Saturday, 30 October 2010

Thrifty decor

A fortnight from today my partner and I will be moving from our city centre apartment in the attic of a Victorian villa to a maisonette with character in a large, Georgian house on the edge of the Peak District.  

Our current place, although in a beautiful period building in a conservation area, was renovated in a thoroughly modern fashion by the developers; halogen spotlights throughout, minimalist kitchen, tiled wet rooms and a muted colour scheme with hardwood floors.  It was the sash windows and the generous ceiling height that really turned my head - although I couldn't help feeling as we viewed it that while it looked stunning I'd have been much more period sympathetic in renovating it myself.

(Please excuse the photo-quality also the furnishings are those of the previous tenants)

It has been a happy place to live and I will miss the fantastic shower and user-friendly kitchen, but I'm excited for the move!

Once again, the photos are not of a good quality and are also regrettably few, but our new place has a little extra something for me . . . . .

Small external shot

Slightly larger 'corner of living room' shot

I realise there isn't an awful lot you can tell about the place from these two photos alone - but you can see from the beams in the living room that the features have not been ripped out or covered up.  The place itself is not in the best condition for a rental property - door handles missing, a huge crack in the bath, the kitchen units are awfully dated and the place is generally filthy but I think once we've had a deep clean I will have plenty of fun finding thrifty vintage bits and pieces from charity shops, car boot sales and flea markets to breathe more life into it.

Not a typical post from me but I'll keep you updated with our progress over the coming weeks and months.  It will be wonderful to have such a great excuse to shop for beautiful clutter . . .

Take care, 

Jem xXx 


  1. Hi Jem,
    welcome to the world of blogging and thanks for visiting my blog. Your new property looks like it has loads of potential, can't wait to see some photos once you move in. I share your tea drinking habit and I love vintage teacups although I have to admit I usually end up using a larger mug.
    Ann x

  2. How exciting! It's just great when you can do what you like with your space and make it a home. We've been in our new house a year (can we still call it new?) and we're still doing things, but I find the first couple of months are crucial for decorating and renos as after that you become used to your surroundings and lose your momentum!

    I'd love to see updates on how your new home takes shape. Have fun! Denise xx

  3. I must admit as much as I selfishly dont want you to move, I can see how the new house is so much more fact being more in the countryside, or nearer to it, suits you so much more than the city...although I'm imaging the sort of jane austen period countryside and life in my head!!

  4. Ooh how exciting & you have lovely sash windows too. We have the original sash windows & a huge one in the style of that one in the living room in our dining room.
    I love old houses & I love our sash windows & fireplaces.

  5. Denise - I'm totally with you on that. I think the moment I'm in I need to start the ball rolling with the fresh coats of paint and the unpacking or I'll lose the spark!

    Sara - Austen period countryside. Ahhhh bliss - I wish. Although being on the edge of the peaks will mean that I can do Lizzie and tour the Peaks whenever the fancy takes!

    Alison - The windows and the beams are what have me most excited! Sash windows just let in so much light and look so lovely. Old houses are just lovely aren't they :-)

    Jem xXx


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